Martial Arts for children can provide many positive benefits besides basic self-defense. Confidence, self esteem, self discipline, self respect, and focus are but a few of the many benefits your child will develop at the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center.

One of the most important benefits developed initially is self confidence. This development is from and recognized by the way the child speaks, carries their posture, and through their movement. Continued consistent training develops more confidence, by the psychological effects of being able to defend themselves.

Discipline is achieved by seeing the results of their practice. They come to realize that by doing something on a regular consistent basis, they can and will achieve their martial arts goals. When children see clearly they can accomplish their goals, the learning process excites them. Once experienced in one facet of their life, they unconsciously apply it in other areas, such as school, sports, music, etc. It's simply understanding that learning can and will come with persistence. You just have to do it. At the Harrisburg Kung Fu center, we provide the motivation and support for you child to facilitate the process. This is a starting point that leads to countless other benefits derived from a study of the martial arts. Martial arts are an excellent impetus to develop pride, willpower, and a strong work ethic in your child.

Next is the health of your child. The activities of our youth greatly influence how we will develop as adults. If a child is brought up in an environment that emphasizes keeping in a good physical condition, they tend to continue such practices as adults. Furthermore, what a child does physically will influence how their bodies develop. The body has a way of providing you with what you need. All you need to do is ask for it on a regular consistent basis. For example, when the body is exercised regularly, the body will rise to the challenge and provide you with strength and flexibility. In essence, we're then telling our child's how to develop in these ever so crucial years. The bones, tendons, ligaments, and musculature grow much stronger than they would have in a less active childhood. Muscle tone and flexibility will be much easier to maintain throughout their adult life, simply because this pattern of development has been ingrained early in life.

As parents providing and caring for our children, good martial arts training is a wonderful gift for your child. Many adults wish this gift had been given to them in their youth, especially when they consider their own difficulties maintaining good physical and mental well being.

One final point... not all martial arts schools will develop such benefits. Please take the time to read our article on looking for a good teacher. This is crucial to understand before enrolling your child in a martial arts school. The person teaching the class will have a major influence on your child. Make sure it's the type of positive influence you desire.

To get more information on classes, times, and current tuition, we recommend setting up a time to visit the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center with your child. This way, all your questions can be answered, you can meet the teacher, and see the school. You may email us through this site, or call us at (717) 232-6310 to set up an appointment.